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Journeys is a specialty chain retailer, owned by Genesco, of branded fashion footwear and accessories with approximately 1,200 stores. Journeys operates five retail concepts across North America including Journeys, Journeys Kidz, Shi by Journeys, Underground by Journeys and Little Burgundy. Journeys is focused on "quickly shifting fashion footwear trends.", and is described as the anti-Foot Locker.


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Brad says

"Don't Count on Journey's to Deliver! Don't Count on Journey's to update their customers! Don't Count on Journey's!!! Two days post scheduled delivery, I reach to to check on my order through the Journey's chat feature to only be informed that I would not be receiving my package. Journey's failed to inform their customer in a timely manner. I regularly order items online from many different retailers and I can assure you, Journey's competitors do not handle business this way. I was offered a coupon that is available to everyone who goes online for my inconvenience with their neglect of service, which in and of itself is funny... Journey's, no need to ask me to respond through a website or to apologize, you failed. You didn't notify in a timely manner, or even at all until I reached out to Journey's and then insulted me with a coupon that is already on-line for all."

K. says

"I purchased a pair of limited edition boots off of Journeys' website. While they were quick to ship my order they sent me the wrong size and now I'm unable to have the boots I wanted in the size I actually ordered because they're sold out. Their customer service doesn't seem to care to rectify any issues made on their end. This was my first and last time purchasing from them and would recommend that anyone else not waste their time and money with this company."

RP says

"Ordered MENS FILA OAKMONT TR ATHLETIC SHOE - SILVER BIRCH / BLACK / PURPLE CACTUS FLOWER SIZE: 7.5 M. Instead, I received a different color WOMEN'S sneaker in size 7.5! Maximum non-coincidence! Completely indifferent and disrespectful attitude towards the buyer! Cheated! I placed an order using the forwarding service with Nova Poshta Shopping, so I was able to check the order only in my country. And such a deception!"

L Armstrong says

"Never again. They sent the wrong shoes and put all of the hassle and effort to return them on me. Spent over 45 minutes dealing with various "customer service" people. They offered me a $10 gift card which I told them to keep as I will NEVER shop there again. I wish I had looked at this site or sitejabber first."

Rose A says

"Awful and incompetent online customer service agents. Had issues with online order I placed and it was ridiculous trying to call and deal with it. I will never shop online here again. Took so much time to get any kind of resolution and inconsistent information. Zappos for me going forward, or any other online shoe retailer."

Gabriela G. says

"Journey's should consider changing how they authorize payment, I shouldn't have several of the same pending charges from a single purchase - that makes no sense and can hurt a poor person's bank account. I've seen plenty of reviews about this on the internet concerning Journey's and duplicate charges, I just wish I had read them before purchasing from Journeys. They double charged my account! It put my account in the negative and I was charged an overdraft fee by my bank. "I do apologize but our team will review the double charge and take care of that for you! We are unable to pay for overdraft fees." This was Journey's Customer Service response. Now not only was my account charged but I'll be forced to pay an overdraft fee. DO NOT ORDER FROM JOURNEYS! My bank requested a letter from them explaining their error and their response was that there was no error as the other charges were simply authorization charges and will drop off. Terrible business practices. Save yourself and just shop somewhere else."

jazmine cooper says

"Dont order from this company both my shipment messing never recieved my items..i want 2 sue them so bad I will never in my life order anything from journeys again..they need 2 be sued"

Shonda says

"I placed an order on the website, on 7/22/20. My package was supposed to go to a FedEx pickup location. I received an email at a later date saying my package was being returned to the sender, due to the FedEx pickup location being closed (which wasn't shown on the website when this location was picked). After receiving this message, I first contacted FedEx to see if I could pick the package up, which they said I would have to contact the sender. I then went into a journeys location (Springfield Mall, where it said the package was being sent to), to ask if the package was there, at which time the mgr on duty stated it was not there yet, but that it would be refunded back once it came to the store. The mgr stated that I could at that time repurchase, which I didn't want to do because the purchase was cheaper online. She then advised me to contact customer service. I contacted customer service on 3 different occasions (online chat), with each representative telling me the same thing, that they put in a new request to have the package redelivered to me, at my hone address. They all verified my address and said I would receive an email with a new delivery confirmation number me, once processed. Today, I called the customer service number, and spoke to a representative. While the representative was polite, I hadn't received an answer different than the previous 3 representatives. I was offered nothing but an apology for a 3 week wait, for a purchase I was already charged for. At this point, I just want my money back. I never received this poor, inattentive, treatment from a company that I give my hard earned money to! I will never shop at this company again! I will shop with competitors instead, who shows me that they appreciate my business, and works expeditiously to rectify their terrible customer service. During this whole 3 week wait, no one has made any attempt to contact me, by email, phone, nothing! To top it off, I stated that I would complain with the corporate office, and I was told that this was it! Go figure!"

Paulette King says

"Wouldn't really give a star if I could get past it. I ordered a shoe that was on sale. The person that packed the shoe shipped the wrong one and sealed it with her name. Smh....I called to speak to her and of course she had just left for the day. So I spoke with what was supposed to be the manager. She told me she would give me a call back so that she could call the assistant manager to figure out how to handle the issue of me being shipped the wrong shoes. Not sure why she did not know what to do at first but okay. So she calls me back the next day and she tells me that the shoe is not available and that they will have to send off for the shoes and she will call me when the shoes are available at their store. so being frustrated and not being able to locate this shoe online anymore, I decided to take the shoes to my local store and return it. While I was there, I found another shoe that I would like and it was on display. So I asked the associate if they had the shoe and of course, its not available either. So me being the gentle person I am, I decided to just leave it alone and go without the shoe. The next day I get a message on my phone after work saying that my shoe was actually at the other store that it was initially shipped from, after being told by the local store that the shoe is no longer available. Okay so since I had already returned the wrong shoes they could not take my information over the phone to pay for it and ship it so this brings me back to having to go pick the shoe up myself which I had to drive an hour away to pick it up. Very bad knowledge from employees and terrible product locater."

Nhi Phan says

"I ordered on May 22, 20. I have been waiting 'til Jun 12, 20 to call in and check for the item. On the tracking link, it said the item has delivered to me the next day (5/23), but I didn't receive it. I never loose any package so far to this address, since the time I have moved here (for 15yrs). Moreover, there are always people in the house 24/7. I called in on May 12 talk to someone (it took me about 30 mins) to talk to the lady. Now, 6/17, nothing happens!!! I called again and talked to Caroline, she said I have to wait for 8 to 10days for investigation!!! I will NEVER order anything from JOURNEYS again."

Crystal Ohayon says

"Terrible! I had to dispute the charge! I just wanted a smaller size! They told me it would take 4-5weeks!!! It’s faster for them to give me a refund and for me to make the order again!! They wanted to give me $45 when I paid $56!!!! I’m so angry! Honestly most unprofessional company I have ever seen! The return process was a headache as well!!! Never ever again!!!! My parents use to buy me shoes from here when I was a kid but I’ll be sure to buy my child’s shoes somewhere else!"

Jaclyn Hudson says

"So disappointed with my experience with Journeys! The customer service is HORRIBLE!!! I have called 3 different times. Every time I wait for at min 40 mins. The first two times someone said my return had been received (i could see that someone had signed for it from the Journeys TN facility) and I would get an email with updated order info on my exchange. I waited another two week and called again... they told me I would receive tracking info the follow week. Waited another two weeks and still nothing. No exchange or REFUND. My order was returned to Journeys on 4/13/20 and its 5/22/2020. If you order anything from them you better hope its the right size otherwise you are out of your money. I've now been on hold for an hour and ten minutes and not one person has picked up. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!! Oh and you can't even leave a review on their Google MY Business. Makes sense now... I'd give 0 Stars!"

Mark Potashin says

"I tried to cancel an order I was given a run around until I said I was posting a review Then I had the order pulled and am getting a refund I ordered shoes from a different store an got them quickly Avoid Journeys Canada"

Carole Linn says

"I paid for shoes in store and have not received them but have gotten 3 emails telling me 1. Something I didn’t order was on its way 2. Item was being shipped to store 3. No tracking available Worst experience I have ever had with shipment of annitem"

Sam says

"Had an order of $123 they took the money from my account immediately which is fine that’s normal. But when the shoes shipped four days later they charged my Card for $123 again! I called about it and they said thats just a “hold” they put on the card when first purchasing and that the additional $ will go back in my card in 3-5 business days!!! That really hurt my pocket as it was a Friday that they double charged me on. Too bad because they have a lot of good looking shoes and brands but I will never order from them again."

Joseph Williams says

"Return policy has to be more accessible to customers"

Mario says

"Bought a pair of runners in the store and was asked if I wanted to receive the receipt by email instead of the printed one "to be eco friendly". Started getting newsletters and coupons as soon as I gave them my email. "This email was sent to you because you asked to hear about updates and promotions from Journeys." I never agreed to this, the email was provided for receipt only."